…and it CAN be done!

It only took a legion comprised of family and friends, ten working days, and frantic phone conferences that used up everyone’s minutes, but I am finally emerging on, wait for it… social media!

Though kicking and screaming, I have bowed to the inevitable, for I now have a fabulous reason to communicate with the world. I have finished my first manuscript, Acts of Courage. It is a young adult historical fiction piece featuring a young boy with dyslexia that will be published by Helping Hands Press. I will be honest; it took time, effort, and bloody tips of typing fingers, but there is no feeling like seeing it come together and know that your message is getting out there. I cannot wait to share it with all of you.

You can follow me on my Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and, as of today, my first post on a blog. Let’s hope that I am not the only one reading this, though, and that I am actually sending this out properly!



or find me on Instagram at pamelahornerauthor


6 thoughts on “…and it CAN be done!

  1. Im so excited to have you out and about in the social media world. And even more excited for your book. Cant wait to buy a copy and have it signed for Walt!


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