Overwhelmed By Muchness

Overwhelmed by ‘Muchness’?

I want to extend my wish to all of you that you enter this spring season with all of the hope and renewal that it promises. I read a wonderful quote this morning shared by a friend of mine. It is from David Avocado Wolfe. It reads,

“Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.”

Thank you for that. What a gift that thought is.

I stood outside this morning and looked. Just…looked. The thought that the beauty of what I was seeing was a gift, came before the realization that the ability to see it and experience it was the true gift. That realization is too often overlooked.

When we get into the business of the day we often become overwhelmed by the sheer “muchness” (to borrow from Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland) of what is going on. We think that there is no way that we can take the time out of what needs to be done to take a moment to just be. Look at all of the ‘stuff’ that needs done! Don’t you see all of the people who are relying on me? How will the world continue if I don’t bust it and attend to all of this ‘muchness’?

I am guilty. I woke up this morning already overwhelmed, burdened by the ‘muchness’ of what I needed to accomplish today.  Tomorrow is Easter! There is a major amount of cooking that needs cooked. There are eggs to stuff. There are stuffed eggs to hide. The floor needs swept. Cinderelly, Cinderelly!! and it goes on and on. If I let it.

OR…I can promote what I love. I love Easter. I love this time of year. I love that spring heralds in the hope of new beginnings. Fresh starts. Renewal. The grass knows it. The buds on the trees know it. The birds know it. When will we?

The meaning behind the celebration of Easter, spring, whatever it is that you believe in and want to celebrate…do. Do it now. You have no promise that you can celebrate this gift when the ‘muchness’ is done. I chose today to promote what I love, and it is the gift of sight, life, freedom, Christianity, family, friends, and so much more. (Don’t panic, guys, I really am going to cook today; I am just going to frolic first!!)

So, Happy Easter, happy spring, happy thoughts of life to all of you. Let go of the ‘muchness’ and celebrate the gifts.


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