Ice cream bread? Curious, indeed.


So, my mother’s friend was visiting with us last week when he happened to mention something that really caught my attention. Ice cream bread.  I was both sickened and oddly drawn to the idea.

 Of course, I initially envisioned a soggy slab of bread swimming in a scoop of the melted swill, all messily encased in a bread pan and roughly shoved into the oven.  Not the case.  I began to investigate this curiosity, and I find that I have become semi-crazed with this new sensation.

 Two ingredients.  Two cups of ice cream and one and one-half cups of self-rising flour.  That intrigues me.  So does the fact that you can peruse the ice cream shelves, imagining the scents of endless varieties of flavors wafting from your oven.

 I have, in one week, tried Hagen Daaz’s Pineapple Coconut and their Artisan Chocolate Caramelized Oat, and Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, to which I added a pinch of salt and a handful of mini-chocolate chips.  Pretty sure I am still licking my lips over that one.


 The way I look at it, I have a couple of options.  Either I hit it big cranking out these oddly intriguing little loaves of curious flavors, or I could end of looking like one the 1970’s SNL characters from the big-butted Widette family.


Have you tried ice cream bread yet? 


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