Goats, Books, and Bears…Oh, My!



Now don’t get me wrong. I am not a superstitious, throw-salt-over-my-shoulder kind of girl. Usually. But I am telling you now, if one more freaky thing of chance happens this month, all bets are off and I am avoiding ladders, black cats, and indoor umbrellas!


If any of you have seen Back to the Future II, the 1989 sequel to the popular movie Back to the Future, or if you have tapped into social media the last few weeks, you are probably familiar with the movie’s prediction that the Chicago Cubs win the World Series in 2015. You may also have heard that the Cubs are playing the St. Louis Cardinals Friday, October 9, 2015, for the first of a best-of-five dance to see who will win the…you guessed it. The 2015 World Series. For the Cubs, this rarely happens. How rare? How about not winning a pennant since October 6, 1945, the day the Cubs were cursed by a disgruntled bar owner who was told to remove his goat from the stands because it smelled bad. He had purchased the goat a ticket and everything, according to goat/Cub lore! The Cubs fan left, but not before cursing the team from winning another Series.


Now I am not one to spread rumors or consort with conjecture, but, uh…well, we haven’t. Yet.


Now, let’s take my father, the late Jack Horner (yes, before we go on, that really was his name). He was the son of an entire family of Cub fans. As an adult, he and his group of friends spent a week in Arizona each spring during Cubs’ spring training. He bought my sister and me Cubs pennants to put in our rooms, with the instruction to, “Salute it each morning!” I think, for many of us, being a fan of a certain team is a family tradition, passed down from generation to generation. I know that is true in my family. So this die-hard Cub’s fan had an October birthday. Let’s see, when could that be? You guessed it; October 6.


Lastly, my first novel, Acts of Courage, a young adult historical fiction piece, was just published, first as an e-book and soon to come out in paperback. It goes without saying that between those pages lay months and months of writing and blood, sweat, and tears. To say I am is an understatement, but I want to leave you with this…the publication date of my novel is…wait for it…October 6, 2015.


I don’t know if the movie is right, the goat has given up, or Dad and Harry Caray had some pull Upstairs, but all of this greatness has my head spinning. I had better close for now. I have a toy stuffed red bird upstairs that has its name all over this straight pin I am holding…Go Cubs!


3 thoughts on “Goats, Books, and Bears…Oh, My!

  1. You’ve read a few chapters of Acts Of Courage to my class(Mrs.Housel’s class)I was one of the kids who gave you a story to read. I’m actually after I finish this comment I’m writing another story at my new desk.I hung the bookmark you gave me on my wall above my desk.Well better leave you alone.Once again i love your book


  2. I’m also reading a HUGE book. It’s the Hunger Games Mockingjay parts 1 2 and 3.Also I’m almost done with my second story I’m writing, I got Mockingjay because its high points and it made me think of your book!! I hope to have you in my classroom again soon.


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