Imbroglios and Kerfuffles? Why Not?

Imbroglios and Kerfuffles? Why Not?

Well, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. The turkey is lying in state in the freezer and the shelves are bursting with the assorted items that go into the dishes and bowls of goodness for the meal.

This is the time of year when a lot of people slow down a bit before the brisker pace of the Christmas season, and they reflect upon their year, their families, and their lives in general. I am no exception. I, too, take stock of my little existence in the greater world, and this is what I have found.

Let’s face it. My life has taken a path that has been a tad rocky. Not the cushiest, nor one that, when I was a child and I had my hand hovering over the box brimming with all of life’s choices, made my eyes light up and I would take my fat finger and point, crying with delight, “There! That one! That is the life for me!”

Again, I am no exception. A glimpse into most families’ living rooms would get a snapshot of bickering here, illness there, sadness sprinkled over some, financial problems…the list is endless. But it is within this list that I find a crucial point. It’s the ‘stuff’ that can sometimes make or break you. And if it ‘makes’ you, then God bless you, because He has.

When I look over my shoulder at the past, I see so much. Wonderful, loving, complex, and always, always, a plethora of imbroglios and kerfuffles, time after time of extremely complicated situations and mass confusion.

I maintain that it is because of, not in spite of, these hiccups in life that I feel so much happiness and love. Honestly, if some of this stuff that has gone down hasn’t killed my happy factor, then I think I am good to go. I believe that it is the bumps and the messy stains in life that bring out the fighter, the comforter, the problem-solver, or the compassion in each of  us, as each situation demands.

I will look around the Thanksgiving table this year, as I always do. My eyes will pass over the chairs of the loved ones who are no longer with us, and sure, I will get that lump that I always fight that threatens to choke me. But if I keep looking, I will see glimpses of those same loved ones in the face of this one, or in the mannerisms of another, or that cheeky smile come out on several faces, and I will know that they are still with us, indeed.

And all of this will make me happy and sad all at once, and I will be overwhelmed by the love I have for this life, warts and all. And I will try; I swear I will try, as I near exhaustion and someone complains, not to act upon my inner desire to dip some of their faces in the mashed potatoes as that glow fades. God bless us all, and Happy Thanksgiving!



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