What Are Your Bomblingers and Flimzingers?

The Christmas trees that adorn living rooms all around the globe are as varied and telling as the people who gather around them.  Each one is intentional and brimming with its own story. I find that an intriguing fact.  Well, let’s be honest.  I find everything about Christmas intriguing or I wouldn’t own several books that explain the origins of various traditions associated with Christmas, as well as the video The History of Christmas which finds its way into my VCR each year.  Yes, that is correct.  VCR.


Some houses present theme trees or trees with only certain colors.  Some are strictly organic and have only handmade and homespun ornaments or items from nature.  There are those that tell the story of ‘we are here because we had to do it’ and they wear only the stingiest of adornments.  Upside down trees, white, black, or brushed by a rotating color wheel.  The options march on and on, bearing the “jingtinglers” and “whohoopers” (from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas) of each person’s fancy.


I thought I would share some of my jingtinglers and whohoopers from my family’s tree.  True to form, it reflects the nature of my family. Ornaments that date from the 30’s and the 50’s (some still in their original boxes.  I know this to be a true statement because I get caught each year trying to hastily stuff them into the nearest box and move on).  Ornaments that are chipped here or cracked there, but patched and held together with hard work and promise.  A mishmash of lights of all colors.  Some of the lights are steady and still while others are chasing and changing, but if you wait patiently enough, they will shine beautifully.


My mother has kept each ornament that we as children would make, no matter how hideous, and they hang just as proudly next to ornaments that were purchased from a store.  As a matter of fact, my daughter and niece will move things around to make sure their creations are front and center.  Tara’s is a snowman who only has one leg and Ashley’s is the ‘traditional’ Christmas banana.  She claims it is the moon, and we let her tell this each year, but we know it looks like a banana.


What are your stories?  How are you represented on your trees?  People love to gaze at Christmas trees.  I wonder what stories they will read on yours?



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