Me, You, and a Sunday’s Rendezvous!

What are you doing Sunday afternoon?  Not sure?  Well, do I have a deal for you. Have plans?  Cancel them; I have a better idea.

Come to the Bedford Public Library at 1323 K Street.  I will be there from 1:30 – 3:00, ground level, for a book signing.  I will have my two books available:

Acts of Courage, a young adult historical fiction novel that is perfect for grades four and up (and by ‘up’ I mean adults!).  You don’t want to miss out on this book.  Read with me and you will go on a journey with the feisty and funny main character, Fen.  He not only experiences history, but he also begins to deal with his learning disability, dyslexia.  It is set in Indiana and is a perfect read as we are in our bicentennial year.

Also available will be my young adult fantasy, Rats, Pumpkins, and Other Rumors, which is an eclectic take on classic fairy tale characters you thought you knew.  Visit some of your favorites, but be prepared to see them in a new light as they regale you with their real stories.  You will also meet some new friends along the way.  (Hint, Tommy is my favorite!)

I will have some coloring pages on hand that go with some scenes from Acts of Courage, created by the talented Marcus Ramos.  Warning: the kids may have to fight the adults for the crayons. Coloring is the new knitting!

Come join me.  I have already checked the weather.  Not too chilly to get out and it’s too early to work in the yard, so no excuses. See you there!


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