Soup-er Bowl

This Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday. Whoop! Whoop! Grid iron, pigskin, helmets, um, grass and, uh…oh, cleats and…

Forget it; I can’t do it. Yes, I know that Super Bowl Sunday is coming, but only because that gives my family another excuse to get together and graze. We really don’t need an excuse. Heck, we celebrate Flag Day, Ground Hog’s Day, Friday’s, and the list goes on and on. We get together in the kitchen even when there is no event coming up because that is just what we do.

Make no mistake; most of the members of my family are heavily into sports. Just not this chick. I don’t know what happened to me but I somehow missed that gene when my composition was being ‘composed’. I got nothing! Well, nothing that has to do with the love of sports, apart from the Chicago Cubs, of course, but I can still celebrate with the best of them.

Hence my recipe I would like to share with you, our Soup-er Bowl for Super Bowl Sunday. This beauty was given to me from my cousin, Jill Green, and we have enjoyed it so much that I wanted to let you in on the deliciousness. Grab some crusty bread and a spoon and get ready to partake and enjoy!

Tortilla Soup

*Bear Creek Tortilla Soup Mix

*large container chicken broth

Mix these two ingredients in a large pan over medium heat.

Sauté two garlic bulbs and a small onion diced very fine. Cool and add to the soup mixture.

Add to the soup mixture:

*1 can diced tomatoes

*1 can of Rotel diced tomatoes with green chilies

(Note***** I add these two to the blender so they are smoother)

*1 can of black beans rinsed

*1 cup of Pace chunky salsa

*cilantro leaves, but these are up to your taste. Personally, I leave them out.

*the juice of 1 or 2 limes

*1 rotisserie chicken, cut into small, bite-sized pieces

(Note****you can add water to the soup if you feel that it is too thick)

Simmer until hot.


Happy Eating, and enjoy the game (and the soup)!

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